A little more about Good Advice...

Get ready to hit the dance floor and share the vibes with Ottawa's hottest, 10-piece, soulFunk outfit - fans of Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Rick James, unite!
Core members Tim Levans (Band leader & Bass guitar), Alison Snedker (Vocals), Marcus Ward (Keys), Jeff Gleeson (Guitar), Carlvin Burgins (Drums), and Noureddine Ismag (Percussion) get into it for the love of the groove!
Wise up to the hip mix of high-energy original tracks, along with some cult and well-known classics. Funky bass licks, killer horn wails, boogie beats, possessing progressions, and irresistible hooks.
Get this music deep down in yo soul - now that's some Good Advice!